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Cornel Cimpan Wins LA Poker Classic

After the final six players at the L.A. Poker Classic sat down to the final table, it took 66 hands until the first fell at the $10,000 no limit hold ‘em championship. That dishonor ironically went to poker legend Chris Ferguson, who took home a scant $240,538 in prize money. Next was Pat Walsh who’d managed to double up a few times, exiting after the 96th hand with $310,694 in his pocket.

As the play picked up pace with 20 big blinds on average, the next two fell in quick succession with Chris Karagulleyan finishing fourth ($430,963) and Mike Sowers in third ($654,797).

That left just Binh Nguyen and Cornel Cimpan battling for first place. Nguyen stormed to the chip lead into the heads-up match but a flop of two pair from Cimpan when Nguyen had dominated him preflop stretched out the match. This continued three more times as Cimpan doubled up, until he eventually took chip lead. Cimpan finally won the match at 3 in the morning going home with a whopping $1,686,760, while runner up Nguyen cashed in for $935,424 in prize money.

Kayley Almond
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