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Gambling Odds Released on Chris Brown Going Down

Soon after pictures were leaked of pop star Rihanna’s facial injuries online sports gambling sites were being inundated with bets on whether her boyfriend Chris Brown will go to jail.

Online betting site betters were reported to be getting $1.12 back for every $1 bet on Brown going to jail for allegedly beating Rihanna whilst when betting $1 on Brown not going to jail $2.35 would be given back. That’s -850 for Brown going to jail and +130 that he will escape jail time.

Odds are relatively high considering Brown has only been charged with making criminal threats and not for beating Rihanna but it is believed that more charges against him are pending.

However in attempts to save his sinking public profile Brown has released a public apology saying he was “sorry and saddened” bringing about more confusion as to what exactly Brown is sorry for as he is still yet to admit guilt. Brown has also enrolled in anger management classes before his court appearance on March 5 in a further attempt to escape going to jail.

Rihanna is reportedly torn over whether or not she should help police build up a case against her lover who allegedly abused her on Grammy night. The pop star is still refusing despite pleas from her friends and family for her to provide the police with evidence.

Brown was arrested for making criminal threats but then released on a $50,000 bail but police are said to be gathering more evidence against him so the district attorney will be able to bring more serious charges against him.

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