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Catastrophic Divisions Appear in Casino Affiliate Program

Stories from Casino Affiliate Program (CAP) events over the past few years usually put smiles on people’s faces, but the atmosphere is a little frostier on the inside. CAP co-founder Lou Fabiano and business partner Warren Jolly are in the midst of a bitter feud where Jolly is being accused of usurping the CAP brand and excommunicating other business partners. Considering the infighting, upcoming shows in the Mexican resort town Cancun and in Amsterdam might take a direct hit. Their tactic was to compete with the industry standard Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) but it’s all turned into a bit of a nightmare in the CAP camp but not so, however, in CAC’s, as they’re seizing on their direct competitors self-destructing.

And this isn’t the first indication of CAP cracks. Reports from the London show in January, despite being in a new venue and drawing in substantial numbers, said it was “a melee wrapped up in a fracas” with one reported fight breaking out and altercations with security.

Apart from that, costs associated with CAP have also been contentious issues.

As a result of loggerheads at the top of the organization, Fabiano has sent out an email in an effort to clear the air with other CAP partners and members. After warning people to associate themselves with Jolly, he clearly states that he is founded CAP and is the majority shareholder in Affiliate Media Inc. “I owned long before I ever met Warren Jolly,” he states in the email. He goes on to expose Jolly in a scathing dismantling of his character and work ethic. “[Jolly] has repeatedly boosted the certifications fees far beyond any level he was authorized too,” Fabiono continues. “I had asked that a maximum increase of 20% per year be honored and he agreed verbally then went on to charge whatever he felt the client would bear. This damaged many relationships we have or had with our certified partners.”

As things unravel, Jolly’s retort has yet to be made public although he has made pleas for any further publication of situations within CAP, saying so possible good can come from such “attacks”.
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