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Bookmakers Lose £1m on Weymouth FC

Fans of Weymouth Football Club have been profiting out of their own club’s lack of funds.

When the entire squad went on strike due lack of funds the youth team was forced to take their place with supporters cashing in on the team’s almost certain loss by betting against them.

The team decided to walk out after hearing the news that there was no medical insurance for the game. They have also not been paid at all this year so decided to talk with their feet and not play in the game. The players were free to walk away as their 14 day payment notice had expired on match day.

In one of the biggest besting coups ever in non-league football more than £1 million was paid out to those betting in favour of the opposing team, Rushden & Diamonds. Bookmakers however caught on quite late, slashing their odds and then finally cutting their losses altogether by suspending all bets on the match.

One better said, “As soon as word began leaking out on Friday night that it might be the entire youth team playing the next day we began putting on bets. We put on money at all the local bookmakers and then starting driving to all the surrounding towns to get more bets on. We then began ringing friends around the country to get them to put on money for us. Even as the price began shortening we kept putting on thousands because there was no way a team of 17-year-olds was going to win that game.” A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “We got wind of it on Saturday morning after we noticed an unexpected number of people placing bets. We were able to slash the odds and fortunately it was not too bad.”

Danielle Almond
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