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Gambling on the Oscars

Unsurprisingly the Oscars has yet again drawn itself a lot of attention from sportsbooks and gamblers alike both looking for a quick flutter and a bit of profit. And this year was no different as the event is traditionally the third most wagered on of the year.

However when a document begun to circulate online revealing the winners as Kate Winslet for best actress, Mickey Rourke for best actor, Slumdog Millionaire for best film and Amy Adams for best supporting actress bookmaker Paddy Power took nearly £40,000 in bets on Adams.

Betting on Heath Ledger to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor was taken down at a number of online gambling sites including as with an unprecedented line of -10,000, meaning you’d have to bet $10,000 to win $100.

Spokeswoman Leslie Unger conversely dismissed the documents saying them to be, “a complete fraud” as auditors Pricewaterhouse Coopers were still counting ballots when the document was published. She also said, “There are only two people there who know the complete list of winners in advance of the envelopes being opened during the ceremony. The Academy’s president is not advised of the winners in advance, and no such list is created.”

The spike in betting on such events shows that the recession is having little effect here with Payton O’Brien, senior editor of the Gambling911 website saying, “It is obvious to us that the recession is having little if any effect on betting when it comes to these major events.”

Danielle Almond
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