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Nabeel Chowdery sued for £160,000 in Gambling Debts

The London casino Ritz are suing property developer Nabeel Chowdery over an alleged gambling debt of £160,000 lost in just two hours of playing roulette in the Piccadilly casino. Chowdery claims that the Ritz failed to act responsibly and is counter-claiming for damages that the Ritz Casino have caused.

After having paid for £60,000 of chips on a debit card and a further cheque for £100,000, Chowdery claims to have cancelled the cheque after his dispute with the Ritz. His lawyer, Susan Lewis, said: “We have put in a defense under the 2005 Gambling Act, which requires casinos to behave responsibly. He is also counter-claiming for damages for the Ritz Casino’s negligence arising out of the alleged breaches of these statutory duties.”

The self-made millionaire, who is reported to have had assets of £145 million and featured on the Rich List claims, “I didn't bounce a cheque. I stopped the cheque. The casino behaved irresponsibly. They gave me £100,000 worth of chips after I had already lost £60,000 in only an hour using my bank card.

“They said they had checked me out and that they knew I was worth the money. Of course, I took the chips because I was hoping I would recoup my losses.”

However, rather than winning big, Chowdery went on to loose the lot and is adamant that, “What they should have done was told me to go home and come back another day. It was the first time I had gambled.”

Kayley Almond
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