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Slot Machines Proposed for Maryland Airports

Delegates in Maryland are proposing for slot machines to be put in the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Delegate Eric Bromwell said, “We’re looking to capture revenue from these folks who are sitting around waiting for their flights. I want to raise revenue for the state and this is the perfect way to do it.”

The bill will eventually be approved through a vote however it is still unsure whether the bill will pass or not as although there is much support but equally those who believe the bill won’t make it through.

Slot machines has been gradually gaining power as a provider of revenue throughout the US and it naturally follows that the machines will start to be placed in areas where they can gather the most amount of revenue. Airports have a lot of traffic of bored passengers waiting for flights. They could also be useful for those flying to other parts of the country where they will not be able to visit casinos.

The bill is proposed to put 3,000 machines inside the airport terminal by 2011 and has been sponsored by ten other delegates.

Other states have also been putting slot machines in their airports with Minnesota state senator Charles Wiger introducing 3,200 slots in various establishments throughout the state including the airport, which he claims to bring in around $1.1 billion in revenue throughout the state.

Voters last year decided to legalize slots to fund public schools however with high taxes and a weak economy the revenue gained has not reach expectations which has meant only just over a third of the 15,00 slot machines authorized have been installed.

Danielle Almond
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