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Poker Pro Arrested in Phelps Pot Fiasco

How quickly things change. Just last summer, every kid in America wanted to be just like Michael Phelps. Just a few months later, the parents of those kids are steering them away from aspiring to be like the record-breaking Olympic swimmer. The infamous pot-smoking image that flashed around the world last month smothered a lucrative endorsement from Kellogg and tarnished his overall reputation. Phelps himself got off easy, though, with a three-month suspension. But others to whom the pipe was allegedly passed got a harsher deal.

As Phelps has hit the poker circuits since getting back onto dry land, his skills have been noticed by some of the best in the game. Case in point is Zachery "Carter" Smith, who was with Phelps on that night. When Richland County, SC, police officers crashed the party, they discovered small quantities of marijuana. As a result, they arrested six people on drug charges; two others were also arrested later on similar offenses.

Out of those eight, one was described as professional poker player and friend of aspiring poker pro Phelps, but wasn’t identified right away. But now, the cat’s out of the bag and King, who earned more than $1 million last year online, is facing the music.

As Phelps continues to improve his poker prowess, despite the self-inflicted smear on his character, poker legends are still offering their tutelage. Doyle Brunson, for instance, gave him lessons last year during a trip to Las Vegas. Despite being told how to best to play 7-2 offsuit, Brunson’s best advice was to keep out of trouble. "It's too bad,” Doyle said regarding the smoking incident. “He is a nice kid but he has to realize his every move is scrutinized and he can't make mistakes like that."
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