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Poker Trillion owners ignore debts as Rockem Poker takes over

Poker Trillion had been getting their fair dose of limelight recently in the online poker industry after breaking away from their poker network Boss Media in a ‘war of words’ passed to each other via press releases. Creditable Boss Media accused Poker trillion of “rake back violations” and the owners of Poker trillion accused them of “mistreatment”.

Poker trillion CEO, Andrew Pyrah, stated that a court in Malta had ordered the seizure of Boss Medias servers but by September all claims were dropped and Poke trillion moved to Everleaf Gaming.

However in January, Everleaf Gaming released a statement saying they had taken full responsibility for Poker trillions player database and that they would soon be able to use a new site called Rockem Poker – it was later learnt that the press release did not come from Everleaf themselves.

George Aghajanyan from Everleaf had the following to say on the issue “I can guarantee that Poker trillion will not be on the Everleaf network. The company and their investors/owners are so discredited now that I doubt they will be on any network.”

Based on what Poker trillion owe GOM there is no doubt they owe a lot of money to their loyal players who are out of pocket. Calls to enhance the regulations of the online gambling industry are going to be buoyed by this case.
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