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Further Appeals to Reverse UIGEA

Chairman of the Poker Players Alliance, Alfonse D’Amato, has suggested that America could turn to poker to help the struggling US economy.

In the Washington DC newspaper, Roll Call, D’Amato suggests that President Obama should look into his reputedly favourite hobby, poker, in order to help solve the financial crisis by regulating and taxing it more vigorously.

"While business leaders and politicians debate how much, or how little, we should regulate the business community, the online poker industry and the millions of Americans who play on the internet have been crying out for regulation and taxation," the PPA chairman wrote.

"The absence of government regulation, and in fact the quixotic efforts to ban internet poker, has left US consumers vulnerable and left billions in potential tax revenue on the virtual poker table."

In addition, former New York Senator, D’Amato referred to surveys on Obama’s citizen’s briefing book website in which the regulation of internet poker was shown to be one of the most popular proposals that Americans wanted Obama to pass while he is in office.

He stressed the idea that regulation would not lead to an expansion of the gambling industry in the US, rather, it would allow the government to take advantage of a popular industry, used by 15 million Americans and 100 million people across the world in order to ease the economical strain the US is currently experiencing.
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