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Tom Dwan Tussles With World Poker Champion in 100K Pot

Takers for Tom “Durrrr” Dwan’s prop bet challenge (the young tyke offering 3/1 the money against any challenger that they can beat him over 4 tables online) may still be thin on the ground, but it didn’t stop the young internet phenom getting involved in some juicy pots to fill the time.

The latest depositor to Dwan’s ever-swelling bank account was 2008 WSOP main event champ, Peter Eastgate, who, in the space of 1 pot, shipped $100,000 to the American.

PokerStars was the battleground this time, with Peter “Isser” Eastgate first trumping Dwan with trip 3s before “Durrrr” picked up pocket kings. A pre-flop raising war led to a flop of J-T-3 finally being seen. Dwan got it all in, Eastgate called, and the bricky turn and river led the Dane to muck his hand.

After the dust had settled, Eastgate was down $285,000 with the American up just over $113,000, bringing his 2009 earnings to just over $1.5 million. “Durrrr” will surely be hoping that on that form, takers for his challenge will now come forward. Reports on the forums, however, are suggesting that the whole idea was merely a publicity stunt. Watch this space.
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