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Las Vegas casinos slash prices to attract more business

The Nevada gaming industry has had to take drastic measures to encourage business. Casino revenues have decreased by 10 percent this year compared to last, which is the first ever successive downturn in casino revenues ever to be announced. As a result, casino operators have slashed prices to a level which would have been expected 10 years ago in an attempt to buck this trend.

With hotel prices coming down, as well as a variety of other incentives, for example, free tickets to clubs, room upgrades and dining deals, Las Vegas is looking like a more economical choice for a holiday.

“I think Las Vegas provides a great deal of value, especially if you’re looking at a four or five-day getaway," notes Duncan Bureau of WestJet Vacations. "It certainly is a market that is great for deals.”

And it isn’t just hotel and food prices which are being reduced. In an attempt to overhaul casino revenues, which have been topped by non-gaming revenues in recent times, gamblers are being invited to sign up for free player reward cards, which offer a vast array of special offers and promotions. Merely signing up for one of the cards can often get you a free buffet or slot play depending on the casino you are in.

As the tourist industry continues to suffer from the effects of recession in the country, operators are expected to continue to offer value for money deals to holidaymakers in an attempted to entice the prudent customer back to Las Vegas.

Kayley Almond
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