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Kansas City Casinos Reporting Record Admissions

Bucking the trend for the rest of the country casinos in Kansas City, Missouri, has reported record admissions for January.

Gamblers have been flocking to casinos in the metro area and spending, which leads some to question as to where the recession is in Kansas City casinos. This has lead to the market’s four casinos taking in a combined $62.1 million, which made January their fifth most profitable month ever with takings 6.3% higher than the same month last year.

However, the story is different in the neighboring states of Illinois and Iowa where huge slumps in revenue have been reported, as well as this is, in Illinois the newly enforced smoking ban is also reducing revenue even further.

A spokesperson from the Missouri Gaming Commission said, “The latest financial data from the Missouri gaming Commission suggest after 15 years of legalized gambling, the high roller finally may be coming to play in Missouri.” The difference between Missouri and its neighboring states is that Missouri voter repeals loss limits which capped gamblers buy-in at $500 every 2 hours for game chips and slot machine credit.

Troy Stremming, senior vice president at Ameristar Kansas City Casino and Hotel said, “The growth is being driven by the changes in the law. People are being allowed to partake of a different level of gaming. Admissions are up, too. It’s not just more money coming out of the same group. Repeal of the loss limits is driving additional customer into the casinos.”

Danielle Almond
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