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Online Casino Laws to be Tightened by the US.

A new bid to stop overseas Internet gambling websites reaching American web users has been launched by US politicians. The aim of the new bill will be to extend existing laws which ban interstate telephone gambling and its being introduced to the House of Representatives.

The new legislation planned would prohibit a gambling business from accepting credit cards, cheques, wire and Internet transfers, and they hope to set a maximum prison sentence of five years for violations.

Rick Boucher, a Democratic member for Virginia said, ‘These internet gambling websites typically operate offshore and often serve as a prime vehicle for money laundering and other criminal enterprises.’

But the legislation that is supported by the Democrats and the Republicans could fall foul of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling, which stated that the US must not block online gambling sites based overseas.

The WTO made the ruling last August in response to a complaint made against the US by the Caribbean island of Antigua, home to several internet casino and gambling sites.
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