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ASA bans ShortsandLongs gambling ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a recent ad for glamorizing gambling as it shows a confident man sitting between two attractive women. The regional press as was targeted at a business audience and was seen in the City AM newspaper.

The ad was launched in September last year and said, “We believe all traders deserve privileges which is why we offer: Free guaranteed stops” it then claimed to make spread betting more rewarding.

The ruling was made because the press ad referred to gamblers as “traders” made the implication that gambling makes men more attractive to women.

However the claim that referring to gamblers as traders was irresponsible was not upheld by the ASA who said that readers were likely to understand the term as it is in an ad for a gambling product and “trader” is also a very common word to describe people working in the financial sector.

But the ASA did uphold the complaint the ad made men seem more attractive to woman, as the women in the picture are shown touching the man’s arms. It was therefore decided that readers would see this enhanced attractiveness and increased sexual success as a reward for spread betting. has today said that contrary to the ASA’s claims their site reduced the risks involved in spread betting. They also emphasized their position in leading the way in responsible gambling.

Danielle Almond
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