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Online Casinos Open Betting on Dancing with the Stars

Even before the first couple has took to the dance floor sportsbooks have already announced their odds. And unsurprisingly it is the ex-athletes that are being tipped to win.

Making bets on the outcomes on reality shows has recently become quite a trend online with reality shows in recent years becoming one of the most popular betting events.

Included in this year’s line up are music stars, Jewel, Belinda Carlisle, rapper and ex convict Lil’ Kim and Chuck Wicks. TV stars also dancing will be co host of Access Hollywood Nancy O’Dell, Jackass’s Steve-O, comedian David Allen Grier, Desperate Housewives star Gilles Marini and model Denise Richards. Sporting dancers are former NFL player Lawrence Taylor, Olympic gymnast and Jewel’s husband Shawn Johnson, rodeo star Ty Murray as well as Apple founder Steve Wozniac.

Events such as this are used by online casinos to attract more and new players to their sites. However maximum bets are kept low to keep the betting for fun more than making a serious profit.

The show will run from March until September and is now in its eighth season, positioning it as a firm favorite in many people’s eyes. The show regularly receives 19 million viewers per episode.

Danielle Almond
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