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Gambling entrepreneur gives £200000 to the Tory Party

A fresh scandal in politics struck the Tory party yesterday as a row erupted over a £200,000 gift given by Trevor Hemmings a successful fruit machine owner.

The money was handed over as a gift from four different companies connected to Hemmings after a push by the Tories to relax gambling laws in the UK.

The cash-for-favours scandal which hit the Labour party recently has got critics jumping at Cameron to guarantee that his party is not becoming involved. In February the Tories called for an increase in minimum stake on slot machines from £1 to £2 and called for the cap on the number of machines allowed in a pub to be scrapped. The four £50,000 donations shortly followed.

The Tories have denied that any donations made have influence on what policies are put forward by the party in parliament. Whilst Hemmings is yet to comment officially on accusations sources say he has denied he was trying to influence the party’s policies.
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