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Underage Gamblers to be Fined

The state of Washington has approved a new law that will see anyone that is caught gambling underage in a casino being fined. The law which passed yesterday makes the individual gambler accountable as well as the casino or card room they are playing in.

The law was passed with little opposition and Senator Jerome Delvin who sponsored the law hopes that it will raise awareness of gamblers who are under the legal gambling age in the state. As well as serving as a warning to juveniles who thing gambling is OK and fun. Although there is no major problem of underage gambling in Washington Delvin hopes the law will prevent any future problems.

As well as paying the fine anyone caught underage will also have to also hand over any of their winnings. The state Gambling Commission has also put their support behind the new law. The state’s new law is similar to their punishment on underage drinkers who are held responsible for their own actions and given a personal fine.

Violators of the law will be fined $125 as well as the $200-$300 that card dealers and casinos are already fined for hosting an underage gambler.

Poker Manager at Island Casino in Kennewick, Mike Jones, said, “For how long the casinos have been around in Washington, these guys aren’t having any penalties for these kids already. I don’t understand why these would be a law against it, but there’s no penalty for them.”

Danielle Almond
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