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Steelers beat Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night despite their best efforts to grind the Cardinals into submission. The Cardinals took the lead with only one minute of the game left however it was not enough.

This makes the Steelers the first NFL team to ever win six Super Bowls. Once again showing that believe in the underdog can be profitable. All those that believed in them enough to bet their hard earned cash were not disappointed. In the fourth quarter Arizona quickly scored to bring themselves to a thirteen point lead, but then this was reduced to four. But suddenly Larry Fitzgerald sprung into action and made a long touchdown, stealing themselves a victory.

This year’s SuperBowl was also special in the impact of the widespread use of the iPod and Blackberry meaning betting was huge compared to last year. Payton O’Brien said, “Last year you would have people run to their computers at half time. This year people were able to research stats after every play, bet where live wagering is available and immediately start placing their half time bets after that breath taking second quarter.” The use of iPods and Blackberries have played a huge role in the betting at the 2009 Super Bowl. Unlike previous years those watching the game from the stadium in Tampa could bet on the game through their iPods and Blackberries. This meant that several companies had to be bought in to deliver the amount of equipment needed to handle the extraordinary increase in cellular traffic.

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