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Rags to Riches at Online Casino.

In a true Rags to Riches story, a lucky player, Jemo has converted an initial deposit of $100 at into $131,250 within 24 hours. The huge win at came on the aptly named ‘Rags to Riches’ slot game.

The Rags to Riches game has a progressive jackpot where the prize pool builds up each time the reels are spun. Once the coveted 'Jackpot' symbol is uncovered, such as in the case with Jemo, the prize pot goes off.

Still celebrating his big win Jemo said, “This is a dream come true to me. When I won I just stared and stared at the screen with my mouth wide open, thinking this is not real. I was almost in shock. I’m so happy.” Manager Kate Berkley said, “It’s fantastic to see new players win big. We pride ourselves on our jackpots, and this is proven by the fact that more and more new punters are playing with us every day.”

Source: Online Casino News.
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