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Christchurch Casino Group To Continue Expansion.

Christchurch Casino has expanded its online gambling operation again by launching a second online casino and new services offering online poker, British Bingo and skills-based betting.

The latest venture for the casino group is, the new online casino has over 80 games for you to choose from. And it includes slot machines, blackjack and all your favourite online casino games. The casino was designed to make you feel like you are in a real casino, but with a futuristic look.

The casino’s business focuses mainly on overseas players but under New Zealand’s Gambling Act, only the TAB and NZ Lotteries are able to offer gaming products over the Internet or by phone because of the heightened risk of problem gambling. To avoid falling foul of the legislation, Christchurch Casino provides its online services through a subsidiary, Kiwi Gaming.

Christchurch Casino acting Chief Executive, Stephen Lyttleton said that the company screens for New Zealand-based punters 'to the best of our ability' by not accepting registrations from people with a New Zealand Internet or mailing address or from people with a credit card issued in New Zealand.
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