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Ultimate Bet blames system error for Hellmuth win

Early on Saturday morning, DOUBLEBALLER and Phil Hellmuth were playing online poker on UltimateBet on a $200/$400 table. However, Hellmuth was awarded the $5,599 pot with a pair of twos despite DOUBLEBALLER having three kings. UltimateBet have now issued a press release explaining the mishap.

UltimateBet has blamed DOUBLEBALLER for losing the pot as he was disconnected at the exact moment the pot was awarded saying, “Had the disconnection happened literally a millisecond sooner or later, the error would not have transpired.” UltimateBet also said this happed “in conjunction with the ‘player’s state’ data being cleared from the memory cache.”

Also in the press release, UltimateBet front man Hellmuth said, “I am one of the most watched players on the internet and all I can say is that it is pretty obvious that there was no malicious intent and even more obvious that UltimateBet handled this problem well. The important thing here is that I continue to have a ton of trust in UltimateBet’s software and new management team.”

Also well as DOUBLEBALLER the same system error caused 36 other pots to be awarded to the wrong person. About this, UltimateBet said, “All players have been reimbursed for these hands as well.” However UltimateBet’s technical staff has been going through past hands to find other incidences of the same error. But so far, no such problems have been found from hand histories in both November and December.

On Saturday, Tokwiro Chief Operating Officer Paul Leggett posted on Ultimate Bet’s blog that an error had occurred and that site officials were investigating. However, many posters on the blog were irate that the incident had involved one of the site’s most recognisable names.

Danielle Almond
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