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PokerStars World Record Attempt

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, is attempting to break the Guiness world record on December 28th, by hosting the largest field ever for an online poker tournament.

Organizers aim to have 35, 000 players in the tournament in order to beat the current record of 15,000 which is also held by PokerStars. To attract the most amount of participants PokerStars is offering a low buy-in, at a popular time with a very impressive overlap. In one of the best value tournaments around one lucky player could win $30, 000 for only $11.

Top professional players including Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Justin Smith are all expected to be entering and attending the world record attempt.

The buy-in for the tournament will be $10 + $1 and will have a $500, 000 million guaranteed prize pool. The tournament is already open for registration and is set to sell out well before the deadline of December 28th.

On July 29th 2007 PokerStars previously broke the world record for the world’s largest online poker site with 20, 000 online poker players making it the largest cash tournament in history. Lynna1 won the top prize of $20, 000 which was a 2000% return on her investment in the $10 + $1 buy-in.

Daniel Negreanu said, “No other site brings the level of excitement, skill, and challenge that poker players crave.”

Danielle Almond
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