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Online Player Wins Porsche on Casino Cruise

Online casino player Chantal K. won the first prize of a Porsche Boxster on Vegas Partner Lounge’s Casino Treasure Cruise this month. Being a relatively new member at Vegas Partner Lounge, Chantal could not believe how the well-known online gambling group could so easily present her with such an instantaneous and life-changing prize. Chantal also won additional prizes during the duration of the cruise where Vegas partner Lounge held their extra prize-giving ceremonies.

“The generosity of Vegas Partner Lounge has given me the chance to win $1250 in the draw that took place on the cruise every evening; I also had the absolute luck to be the first prize winner of the Porsche Boxster, something that I never thought I could win,” said Chantal.

The ‘Casino Treasure Cruise’ is Vegas Partner Lounge’s yearly competition where players are taken on an all-expenses-covered trip around the Caribbean. Players compete throughout the year for the 30 or so lucky places aboard the world’s biggest cruise liner Freedom of the Seas. The cruise ship accommodates 4,300 passengers and a crew of 1,300 and is a staggering 339 metres in length – a city on water worth $800 000 000.

Chantal K. was a player at the casino group’s flagship brand Crazy Vegas Casino for merely 3 weeks when she received the exciting news that she was one of the providential winners to attend the yearly cruise.

Coming from France, Chantal is one Vegas Partner Lounge’s many international players and enjoys playing online casino games at her leisure. After playing a slots tournament at Crazy Vegas Casino and subsequently winning it, Chantal was given the opportunity to join Vegas Partner Lounge on the memorable cruise visiting Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman and Mexico.

Austin Green, spokesman for Vegas Partner Lounge was quoted as saying “We’re so happy that Chantal won the grand prize. It’s always a real thrill when new players hit it big and it just shows that truly anyone can win. The fact that the Cruise was such a huge success and that all of our esteemed and loyal players enjoyed it is further cause for celebration!”

The Casino Treasure Cruise is held every year during the month of November. Vegas Partner Lounge is already preparing to set sail in 2009 for another adventure directed at paying homage to its dedicated casino players.
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