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Will Full Tilt and Clonie Gowen go Head’s Up?

It’s being widely reported that 2008 World Poker Open winner Clonie Gowen, is allegedly suing her sponsor Full Tilt for a whopping $40,00,000 for breach of a contract.

The lawsuit says that Gowen claims she is entitled to a 1% ownership stake in the online gambling company that was finalized between her and Full Tilt executives. The glaring deficit in her case, however, is that it was apparently a verbal agreement over the phone, and nothing in writing was put together to substantiate the claim. So the oral arrangement was never signed into a legal contract so it will be hard to prove a breach and push through the legal system successfully—especially considering the amount she’s asking for.

The supposed conversation occurred back in 2004 with several Full Tilt executives, and Gowen started to promote the Full Tilt brand in ads and at tournaments all over the world. Plus, her high-profile presence also spurred on the massive movement of women poker players as she was one of only two women on Team Full Tilt. (The other being cash-game veteran Jennifer Harman).

Immediately after Full Tilt decided to let Gowen go on November 11, she seemed to only take a few days to piece her case together and file the suit in a Las Vegas courtroom. The overall consensus is that the suit will be settled out of court, most likely because having financial information to be put on public record isn’t something Full Tilt Poker is likely to want. On top of that, considering the tense state of online gaming in the US right now, they also don’t want any more attention drawn to them by the US government.
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