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Play at the World Poker Tour For Less.

Many of the online poker rooms offer their players chances to compete in a WPT event, and the players are spending upwards of $30 for this privilege. However CelebPoker.Com has developed a system where players can pitch in a small fee of $9 and compete in a smaller player pool of approximately 150 people and move quickly on to the chance of a lifetime.

This offer is exclusive to CelebPoker.Com and they also offer you the chance to play with the movie star and future WPT competitor Lou Diamond Phillips. The poker room also regularly hosts celebrity games and events online, as we as online tournaments and they have guest appearances from celebrities from around the globe.

Steve Lipscomb, CEO and Founder of WPT Enterprises, Inc said, ‘The World Poker Tour is all about letting people live their dreams and celebrities are no different. They all want to be the one counting the money at the Final Table.’

CelebPoker.Com is making the deal a lot sweeter by allowing new members to collect a 100% deposit bonus on their initial deposit in order to enhance their chances of being side by side to top players and large prize pools this year.
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