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The Terminator is Back, in Slot Form

Online gambling company,, has announced the release of its new Terminator-themed slot game to their online casino, the largest in the world. ‘The Terminator’ is the latest in a series of highly popular themed slots on and it joins a collection of games themed on Hollywood movies.

‘The Terminator’ is a 20-line, five-reel online slot based on the highly successful film and TV series franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud, if he had the time right now to acknowledge his alter ego in slot form from his Sacramento office. The game, of course, features high tech robots as well as police cars and everything else Terminator related.

The minimum state for the slot game is one cent and has a maximum jackpot win of $500,000 and you can bet on a maximum of 20 lines. The game also has two bonus features allowing you to ‘Terminate Sarah Connor’ and hold off the force of Skynet for as long as possible, winning a prize for each tank and hunter-killer destroyed.

A spokesman said, “The machine rose from the ashes of a nuclear fire. The war to exterminate mankind has raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present and on”

The company is also planning to expand its range of Hollywood-movie-themed slots. However, which movies will be converted to slots is a closely guarded secret with saying nothing more than, “We’ll be back.” pays out over $10 million to players every day and is continuing to expand rapidly.
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