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Smells Like Keen Spirit

There are a lot of distractions that the seasoned poker player has to put up with at the tables. Especially when sessions grind all day and in the small hours. All that sitting around, festering in close quarters can really be the true test of a champion, rather than the chip stack he has or the hands the plays.

Case in point was Michael Wax, a Brooklyn limousine company owner, who truly tested the limits of public decency recently when his potent body odour ultimately cased such a furore that he was escorted out of the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. Because of the incident, 54-year-old Wax, who weighs 440 pounds, filed a complaint against the Borgata for kicking him out. He was, however, the first to admit that he reeked after playing poker for 17 hours straight at the Borgata Casino, but the extent that the Borgata went to was unacceptable in this estimation.

According to eye and nose witnesses, Wax’s marathon poker session was the direct cause of his escalating odour and other player started complaining about the smell, throwing them off, of their game. Wax, being conscious of the situation, asked casino management for a free room to freshen up, but the casino refused and then escorted Wax out of the gambling hall.

Wax has since filed a formal complaint with the Casino Control Commission, which will be reviewed to determine whether or not any state gambling laws or regulations were violated.
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