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Slammer Dunk

After all the hullabaloo of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy’s inside gambling shenanigans, he has been handed a 15-month jail sentence after being found guilty of aiding gamblers and betting on game in which he officiated.

US District Court Judge Carol Amon handed the sentence to the 41-year-old in addition to three years probation after admitting to passing on confidential information to gamblers.

Prosecutors, in their predictable enthusiasm, asked for around double the sentence, but Donaghy's cooperation with investigators of the case led to more lenience.

"I brought shame on myself and my family," Donaghy said, while his attorney, John Lauro said it could have been a lot worse.

While the NBA are keen to get the matter behind them, his attorney says the matter is still not over as the element of corruption within the NBA doesn’t begin or end with Donaghy.

"The NBA looked at the various games he officiated,” continued Lauro. “They concluded that (match-fixing) simply never took place."

However, NBA commissioner David Stern has staunchly labelled Donaghy as a rogue official acting purely on his own.

"We anticipate that the judge's sentencing decision, together with the changes we have made to our referee operations staff, will enable us to continue with the improvements we are making to our anti-gambling rules, policies and procedures," Stern said in a statement.
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