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Online gambling site integrated into betsafe eWALLET

World-leading, blue-chip public developer and supplier of online gambling software, CryptoLogic, has announced the absolute integration of its poker site into Betsafe’s online eWallet payment system. Betsafe are one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products with over 70,000 customers from over 100 countries joined CryptoLogic’s poker network in January last year.

The integration is expected to lead to a significant growth in the player conversion of sportsbook customers to CryptoLogic’s online poker product. CryptoLogic’s president and chief executive Brian Hadfield said, “Today's announcement demonstrates CryptoLogic's commitment to enhancing the player experience with flexible, customer and player-centric solutions. Our focus is to strengthen relationships by working closely with our licensees to find out what their players want—and then delivering superior products that meet their unique needs."

Betsafe, on account of the integration, will increase its marketing initiatives for its online poker section in attempt to gain an even larger increase in player conversion. Betsafe chief executive Henrik Persson said, “The launch of our single wallet is much awaited and we believe that this integration will have a strong positive effect on all our products.”

Georgia Adumata
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