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Is It Time To Legalise US Online Gambling?

Washington State Congressman Jim McDermott on Wednesday proposed legislation that calls for the taxation and regulation of online gambling in the United States.

The act, titled the Investing in our Human Resources Act of 2008 (HR 6501), aims to derive revenue from internet gambling. McDermott anticipates that $40 billion could be raised over the next decade from the taxation of gambling online. The money raised, as stated in the bill, will go towards providing “opportunities to individuals who are, or were in foster care and individuals in declining sectors of the economy.”

Similarly, John Pappas, Poker Players Alliance executive director sees internet gambling as a possible means of revenue for the US. He said, “In an era where Congress is seeking revenue to pay for other priorities, such as job training, this is a welcome bill. We hope that Congress has the courage to act this year to do something. However, we think that we’re in a great position in 2009.”

Senior gaming analyst at online casino advisory Sherman Bradley also called for the regulation of online gambling. He said, “All the money spent to try to ban online casinos is money poured down the drain. On the other hand, issues over minors, problem gambling, and honest play are all easily addressed through licensing and regulation”.

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