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Facebook and online gambling

One of the largest online gambling sites,, is getting a piece of the social networking action by offering Facebook members the chance to learn invaluable poker strategy through a new application called DareDevil, which is a poker-based card game that’s all the rage. Programmed to help people master the top hands in poker, players race against the clock taking calculated risks in order to create the best possible poker hand by discarding and drawing cards. When the clock runs out, players are awarded points based on which cards remain in their hands.

Players have one minute to pass each level, but before the minute expires, players must reach the required score for that level and so on in order to advance to the next and work toward having one of the all-time-top scores.

It’s certainly taking off already. And you can see why as DareDevil allows Facebook “friends” to challenge each other's high score. By adding the DareDevil application to your Facebook page, you can also track your friends’ scores in real time and see who the one to beat is.

"We are excited to be expanding PokerRoom into the world of social networking", said Hendrik Knopp, spokesperson for "DareDevil offers players the chance to improve their game and refine their strategy while connecting with friends."
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