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The Grass is Always Greener

The payouts at this year’s World Series of Poker have been pretty impressive. But the biggest one so far went to Joe Commisso for his incredible efforts in Event 46, $5,000 No Limit Hold ‘em Six Handed.

He got fitted for the bracelet and a wallet to carry the $911,855 after outlasting 805 runners and a marathon heads-up match with Rich Lyndaker.

Commisso, once a day trader who got drawn into poker, has only been playing poker for three years—about as long as last year’s Main Event winner Jerry Yang. He said winning the event and the bracelet was huge, but tournaments aren’t his style. “I pretty much detest tournaments,” he said. “I don’t know if I ever want to play one again...It’s like someone sucking soul out. I just want to sit in my boxer shorts and play online. I might retire on top. I got my bracelet. I might not play any tournaments ever again.”

Words like that can make a bracelet winner quite unpopular with WSOP devotees, but Commisso tells it like it is. He’s as honest as he is enduring as heads-up play lasted a whopping 209 hands. “It was ridiculous,” Commisso said. “I just couldn’t put him away.

At one point, Commisso almost lost the face-off when they both went all in on the flop. He only had a straight draw and Lyndaker had top pair, but the turn made his straight.

And it all ended when Commisso bet the farm on A-Q and saw it hold up against 9-7. After that, history was made.
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