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Online gaming site offers Moss a chance.

Troubled supermodel Kate Moss may yet be able to salvage her tattered career.An online gaming site has offered the 31-year-old a lucrative contract after she was dropped by fashion giants Chanel, Burberry and H&M. thinks she deserves a break after being pictured apparently indulging in a marathon cocaine session. "We believe in giving people who have been affected by both seen and unforeseen circumstances a second chance," company spokesman Jack Abrams told the New York Daily News.

"Our demographic clientele is males, ages 21 to 45. We did a real quick focus group with some of our customers to see if they'd be offended in any way, and the response was an overwhelming, 'Yes, please, get Kate Moss as your spokesperson'."

The proposal, which has been faxed to Moss's agent at Storm Models in London, also requires her to complete a residential drug rehab programme and travel to the website's Costa Rica headquarters for a closely monitored two-month corporate retreat.

Moss would also have to participate in a anti-drug campaign aimed at high-school and college students. If she should relapse the company insists her contract would be terminated.

Moss's agent was unavailable for comment.

The Croydon-born model is believed to be undergoing rehab abroad. Her world was turned upside two weeks ago when pictures were published apparently showing her snorting lines of coke in a recording studio.
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