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Online Gambling Jackpot finally pays out.

Online gambling site, Absolute Poker has reported that its Bad Beat Jackpot was hit shortly after 9pm on Sunday evening, having climbed to less than $4,000 shy of $1 million. The record-breaking $996,115.28 jackpot is the largest bad beat jackpot ever won in online poker history.

“We're hitting milestones, breaking records and making ordinary poker players extraordinarily rich,” said an Absolute Poker spokesperson. “[Our] Bad Beat Jackpot continues to attract an enormous number of poker players to Absolute Poker and we can't wait to beat the industry record we just set once again."

An online poker player with the moniker RIVERMAN1969 from Pasadena, Maryland lost a hand of Texas Hold'em with four tens to BFOXY's four queens, securing $325,212 for his seemingly unfortunate loss. BFOXY was made $163,344 richer and 88 other online poker players shared an additional $163,344, including players seated at the table where the bad beat occurred and those seated at Bad Beat Jackpot tables featuring the same stakes and game type.

The jackpot builds at speed because $0.50 is collected from every qualifying hand at Bad Beat Jackpot tables. And with more and more players heading to Absolute for a chance of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash just by losing a hand of Texas Hold'em, the jackpot could easily reach a $1 million on a regular basis. That’s what Absolute will be hoping anyway, as their promotional idea continues to pay off.
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