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PaceAdvantage horse racing game released

Horse Racing Simulation LLC and (horse racing community message boards) have collaborated to launch the PaceAdvantage Horse Racing Game ‘Community Edition’. The virtual 3D experience will allow players to experience every aspect of horse racing. Players can jockey and fictitiously bet on some of the greatest champion race horses of all time, as well as compete with other horse racing fans in free online tournaments for gifts and prizes including horse racing memorabilia, gift certificates and even dinners with top racing jockeys from around the country.

“Our free virtual horse racing game provides the realism for the true horse racing enthusiast and a simplistic level of play for the novice or beginning horse race fan,” stated Michael Calderone, President of Horse Racing Simulation LLC. “ sees their partnership with Horse Racing Simulation as a way to help further expose the great sport of horse racing in a more visual hands-on manner, making it easier for racing fans to truly understand the many different aspects of horse racing.”

The site offer five basic modes of play including jockey mode, horse race betting mode, horse racing trainer mode, and horse racing tournament mode, as well as the safer option of the racing spectator mode.

“The moment we played Horse Racing Fantasy 'Community Edition', we knew it was a perfect fit for our users,” said Michael Gates, CEO of “It is quality content like this that helps extend our reach, not only to our core membership, but really makes it easier for them to invite their friends and family to participate in a first step into horse racing in a fun and exciting manner.”
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