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Finnish player wins huge at online gambling site

One online gambler, Klaus E. from Finland, changed his life when he bet a measly 50 cents, made one click and won $5.5 million on Mega Moolah at online gambling site, BlackjackBallroom.

“When I saw 5,556,753 flash on my screen I thought it was a US phone number. It couldn't be a jackpot, I must be mistaken. So I just got up from my table, went outside to clear my head, and then came back in again for another look...and noticed $5.5 million sitting in my casino account,” said Klaus. “I got a phone call from CasinoRewards support who were very reassuring and helpful, and the next thing I knew I was on a plane to Australia to pick up my winning check. In Sydney, the CasinoRewards team took me to the wildlife park, the aquarium and a restaurant by the Opera House. The highlight of my trip? Apart from collecting my enormous check, it was having my photo taken with a koala!”

Surmising what he might do with his winnings, Klaus was rather frank about the fact that it wouldn’t be a fancy sports car (he doesn’t have a license), nor huge mansions and expensive clothes. He seems to be taking a more sensible approach wanting to invest and go on holiday. is partnered with the CasinoRewards group, highlighting 18 popular online casinos under its award winning loyalty program. With more than just online blackjack, features over 250 action-packed games, including table games, slots and card games.

This massive win (one of the largest online jackpot wins) on Mega Moolah and the fact that it is already back up at $3 million is drawing players in their droves.

Stephen Holder
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