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Online Casino Pays $3,800 for an Ultrasound.

Golden Palace online casino has always been controversial with their marketing campaigns, from purchasing Captain Kirk’s kidney stone to Michael Jackson’s Malibu Grand Prix Racing License. This time the online casino has just purchased an ultrasound of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 5-month-old unborn baby.

Since the world’s premiere celebrity couple announced their pregnancy, there has been media frenzy, and the general public have been all over the story. And the fore mentioned online casino has always been looking for ways (However unconventional) to make the headlines.

This has not been the first purchase, which has something to do with the loved up couple, last year Golden Palace also bought a jar on eBay that said to have contained the captured air from Brad and Angelina as they walked down the red carpet at the premiere of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith.

“Almost any news having to do with Brad and Angelina is sure to be big news,” said CEO Richard Rowe. “This is the very definition of a pop-culture phenomenon, and we know it will be a perfect addition to our collection of unique and outlandish items. We at Golden Palace are huge fans of both Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie and we congratulate them on their pregnancy and wish them all the best.”

Golden Palace online casino paid $3,800 for the printout of the ultrasound.
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