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Online gambling site flies in winner

Online Gambling site has recently paid out a hefty sum to a Greek member after he won a jackpot on the site. Mr. K. Vasileiadis staked a small €27 on the Super Seven’s online slot machine and landed himself €940,966.

To add to Mr. Vasileiadis’ celebrations, Sportingbet flew him, as well as five friends and family, to London to receive the winnings and celebrate this amazing win. The group, headed by the lucky winner made the most of the limelight before leading his entourage to lunch. Of course, soon after this his fiancé took him off on a shopping spree.

“This is a huge win and I am delighted for Mr. Vasileiadis,” said's CEO. “He is a loyal and valued customer and I am sure he will enjoy spending the money. I hope that the experience of this win will stay with him for a long time to come.”

This massive win on Super Seven’s is the largest amount of money won at an online casino in Greece, plus it’s the biggest casino win at Sportingbet.

During an interview, Mr. Vasileiadis commented that he only plays for a short time each weekend hoping to land a big one. Although he won’t consider leaving his job, he does think that the win has changed his life. His fiancé said that their wedding would probably be bigger and sooner than planned though.

Everyday hundreds of people win at, and Mr. Vasileiadis' success is an excellent example of how online casino's can and do produce real winners.

“We believe that the customer journey from depositing to winning should provide them with the ultimate gaming experience,” added the CEO.

Stephen Holder
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