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New online wagering and social networking site

Online wagering and social networking site, has been released to the public. This is a legal wagering venue where members can form groups and make friendly wagers between group members, between groups or member to member.

It also has all the other features of a social networking site, which should attract a fair amount of gaming and gambling fans that want to take part. As a venue that will bring all these factors together, MyBetPlace would be useful not only for social networking but for branching out into different aspects of gambling, not to mention the affiliate opportunities.

The site hopes to appeal to all ages with features to cater for different demographics. Unlike online casinos and sportsbooks, you can't lose any money at Furthermore, it allows members to sell music or products, as well as numerous other opportunities.

“People love to make friendly wagers and do so all the time,” said Steve Laut, MyBetPlace CEO. “Now they can memorialize their bets on allows groups and sub-groups to be formed for any type of group. For example, let's say a High School has formed a group. Some of the sub-groups could be teachers, classes, clubs, teams, etc. Teachers can make friendly wagers with students. The High School group can even make friendly wagers with other High School groups. The possibilities are endless.”

“While is in its infancy, there are plans for many, many upgrades that will continue as the website matures,” said site COO Robert Cortes. “We plan on listening to what the users want, what they like, and what they don't like. Community websites have to cater to their members, and we plan on making that a priority.”

Stephen Holder
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