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Online gambling site’s lucrative affiliate offer

The affiliate program linked to online gambling website, called RomePartners has introduced a brand new lucrative opportunity for affiliates that will see an unparalleled 60% revenue split for the month of their choice.

“When an affiliate is having a great month, they can capitalize on that by taking the majority of the gross action,” said Josh Cartu of Rome Partners. “The bump to 60%, which in many cases more then doubles the affiliate's revenue, and the freedom to choose when they receive the bonus, is the reason why affiliates have joined our program so quickly. At the end of each month, affiliates have the opportunity to review their revenue, and decide if that is the month they would like to receive the 60% revenue split. This way, affiliates ensure that they are getting the most value out of this offer.”

The traditional basis for payments to affiliates is based on volume, and some affiliate programs have offered high revenue splits in the past. As most of the affiliates offer the higher rises in the first month, which traditionally are the weakest, there is little opportunity for affiliates to score big. With RomePartners, affiliates have the opportunity to redeem in their chosen month.

“Being able to choose which month I want to get paid the 60% split is great,” said Denise of “It gives us loads of freedom. I likely won't use it until we have a surge.”

RomeCasino is designed for the European market and offers over 100 hundred games in a multi-language, multi-currency platform.

The new multi-language, multi-currency Rome Casino, designed especially for European casino players, has more than a hundred unique games and state-of-the-art 3D graphics and sound effects and has already proven itself to be a high-converting brand.

Stephen Holder
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