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Online gambling website runs freeroll marathon

Online gambling site, CelebPoker has started a new poker freeroll tournament called the ‘11-11’ Promotion. Each month, $20,000 will be available to win through games starting every hour between 11am and 11pm (GMT) seven days a week with no rake needed.

“I want to attract lots of new players to the wonderful game of online poker,” said Dave Donovan, CelebPoker CEO. “Although poker is a growing sport, there are still plenty of people who are unsure about the game or who haven't tried their hand at online software”.

The site believes that this competition will provide the ideal opportunity to allow players at all levels to compete, especially new and inexperienced ones who might be hesitant to spend real money. As they are freerolls, there is no ‘cover charge’, which makes the journey to the cash and other prizes that much easier.

“There's nothing quite like the thrill of competing against other live players, and hopefully our 11-11 promotion will provide new players with a safety net to give the game a go,” continued Donovan.

Even though the concept of freeroll tournaments isn’t new, CelebPoker has added the element of the ‘11-11’ promotion is that there are no qualifying requirements to enter. Most poker site reserve entry to freerolls to those players who have generated a specific level of rake or who have won a certain number of qualification events.

“Who wouldn't want to play?” continued an excited Donovan. From April 2nd, when 'The 11-11' Freerolls start, players taking part could possibly win the games, cash prizes or even find themselves flown across the world to attend live main poker event.

Stephen Holder
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