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Canadian hits jackpot

Online gambling company,, has paid out big yet again recently with a Canadian member scooping $200,000 in a progressive jackpot. Usually the jackpot pays out every six to eight weeks, but this time it had gone on for longer since an American scooped $100,000 last time.

The Canadian, ‘Texasteaser’ said, “I usually stick with video poker. I don't know what made me think I should take a spin or two on the slots that day instead, but I'm sure glad I did.”

‘Texasteaser’ won this, the biggest Slotland progressive jackpot ever as he played the popular slot machine, Treasure Box. features six unique slot machines and four video poker games. Previous winners are ‘Jamkat2’, who won $113,418 last year and the previous largest was ‘Topnotched’ who won $179,166 playing the Golden 8 slot machine last May.

“It's hard to resist when the jackpot gets to big numbers like that,” said affiliate manager Martin Smith. “Lots of players play a little more when they feel like there's going to be a big jackpot winner any second. They want it to be them. So we'd been very busy in the days before the win.”

The progressive can be played on any of the slot machines and video poker games on the web site. Players can also take part using mobile phones and PDAs where they are tied into the same progressive jackpot. For example, ‘Olympiagold’ won $163,000 playing the mobile version of Lucky Stars via his/her mobile phone. The site re-sets the jackpot at $50,000 after each win and it is already back up to over $70,000.
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