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Online gambling website offers Speed Bingo

For those who don’t get their online bingo fast enough, online gambling website, Crown Bingo has launched their new speed bingo room. Crown Bingo boasts that they are twice as fast as any competitor, as their speed bingo room has a game every two and a half minutes.

Crown Bingo is celebrating this launch with a promotion offering every player during March a chance to win a High Speed Passenger ride for two.

“This bingo room will cater for those players who can't get the numbers called quick enough,” said Dan Smyth, Managing Director at Crown Bingo. “As most bingo callers know there are always a couple who ask for you to speed up!”

With a cost from as little as 2p, players can experience this bingo room from midday to midnight. However, Crown Bingo has other new offerings for their members with new jackpots. The Turbo Charger is a progressive Jackpot very much like the Cash Cow in Crown Bingo's other rooms, but is only for players in the third room. The Cheetah Jackpot gives you a massive £1,500 for a measly 40 calls, meaning those wins should be speeding out of Crown Bingo's prize pot.

Crown Bingo is on a roll with this change being their third new venture within three months. Added to the speed room are their new interactive 3D lobby and the second room. This site is fast becoming one of the largest and most popular online, supplemented by a modern interface and usability that is attracting new members regularly.

Stephen Holder
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