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Online gambling site offers new affiliate scheme

One of the internet’s best selling horse racing platforms, Betalay, has announced the launch of a brand new affiliate scheme. Betalay will offer affiliates an impressive 50% commission on all online sales. This will provide many online gambling entrepreneurs with the opportunity to make a profit from Betalay’s horse racing scheme.

Betalay have a unique system for their betting, which is found in a guide offered on their website where they show you how to make a living from betting on horses.

After the new betting exchanges were launched in the year 2000 people could start betting on horses to lose races, the proprietors of Betalay set about researching how to make money by backing losing horses every time. On average, they have made over 1,000 points profit every year since it was launched.

Bettors at all levels can create advantages for themselves in conjunction with Betalay, a small amount of capital and time on the internet. Furthermore, betting on Betalay couldn’t be easier with software (available from which will allow betting on the site to be automated. Therefore, players could easily set up an automated betting platform and let the site, and software do the work for them.

As a profitable platform, players can take advantage betting just a few hours on the weekend or full-time seven days a week.

Clicbank, who will manage the affiliate scheme, operate a totally independent and well-respected affiliate management system, they run all off the statistics and payments to ensure that all affiliates are paid in full and on time every fortnight.

Stephen Holder
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