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Online gambling company reveals networking site

Established in 2003, the online gambling company, The Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters (APCW) is releasing the world’s first Social Networking Site aimed exclusively at the online gambling industry. In addition, APCW is to publish our latest Online Casino Audit of a prominent affiliate program.

The APCW conducted the very first independent audit of casinos and affiliate programs for player and webmaster issues. They published the first print media for gaming affiliates. The first to produce weekly video webcasts covering industry news and events. And now will be the first to introduce Social Networking dedicated to players, webmasters, affiliate managers, and casino operators.

The social networking site, called APCW Interactive went live recently and will provide the ideal location for dynamic video and audio content with news articles, forum and blog postings, digital magazines, and a host of tools specifically designed for those working and playing in online gaming. So far, the site is receiving a great deal of attention and are spanning up to four hundred new members within the last week. This fast growing community is the only site dedicated to all facets of this business working together in one place.

Members of the APCW Interactive will be able to see APCW’s auditing reports, feedback reports, and surveys on the site. Anyone involved in the online gambling industry is invited and encouraged to visit the APCW and explore their member’s area at APCW Interactive.

APCW works well in the gaming industry to provide information and education to online gaming enthusiasts in the customer and business sides.

Stephen Holder
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