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Online gambling site launches Kalooki tournament

Online gambling site, RummyRoyal, has announced the launch of a new online multiplayer Kalooki tournament at CAP Euro 2008. With over 25,000 players, this is fast becoming a first choice for Gin players around the world.

RummyRoyal is owned by a Cyprus based company called RM Royal Media and announced the new tournament whilst attending the four-day long conference, which took place in London, England from January 24 - 27, 2008.

The website was the first site to release a multiplayer online Gin game, offering Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki and traditional Rummy games. In response to the site’s popularity, the tournament, or a series of multiplayer Gin tournaments designed to enable a large number of players to compete towards winning a share of a large pool prize.

For each individual tournament, there are different buy-in amounts and freerolls require none at all.

RummyRoyal tournament players can participate in Gin, Oklahoma, Kalooki (Kaluki), and Rummy games as scheduled. Buy-in amounts differ per tournament. Freerolls tournaments require no buy-in at all. The stakes of the all the registered players form the pool prize that the winners of the tournament share.

RummyRoyal tournament prizes are distributed according to the payout table of the specific tournament. In a two or three player tournament, the winner takes the whole pot. In a four-player tournament, the prize pool is distributed between 1st and 2nd place winners. More information about specific tournaments' payout table can be accessed by clicking the 'Payout' button inside the game room.

Stephen Holder
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