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Online Gambling Championship set for this fall

A brand new online gambling tournament will be available for players to test their skills over the more traditional luck side of the game. Online poker site, has launched the Duplicate Poker World Championships and players can qualify now to earn their chance to play.

The innovative twist on the classic game offered by Duplicate Poker limits the luck of the draw by dealing from the same deck to each table in the tournament. Players in each seat are ranked against players at other tables who were dealt the exact same cards.

A special advantage of Duplicate Poker is that it is viewed as a skill game and as a result, it is legal in most jurisdictions within the United States.

The Duplicate Poker World Championship combines online and live poker. Running until the 14th of September, qualification rounds will be held at the website when the first round of regional online tournaments will take place. The regional round is divided into six distinct geographical regions totalling 180 players. This will be followed by a round of quarterfinals, also to be played online at

Quarterfinal winners will be enter a regional team of seven players, who will win all expenses paid travel, hotel accommodations, and meals to a live venue where the semi-final and championship rounds will be played. The championship round will be scored both individually and as a team.

To qualify, all a player needs to do is make the top of the weekly DuplicatePoker Tournament Leader Board during one of the qualifying weeks. This opens the tournament up to players starting with any value of deposit.

Stephen Holder
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