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World Gaming ready to be launched

Online console gaming site, World Gaming, is launching its own website, which will become the premier online destination for console gamers from around the world. Players will have the opportunity to network and challenge each other in real-cash tournaments.

At the moment, the site has made available to players, a closed beta and an opportunity to win up to $50,000 in cash and prizes. Interested parties should go to for more details. works with most industry leading consoles such as Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PLAYSTATION 3, Microsoft Xbox, and Microsoft Xbox 360. When the site first launches it will offer one-on-one challenges and multiplayer tournaments. Players can choose from some popular games that include Halo 3, Resistance: Fall of Man, Madden '08, NBA Live, FIFA Soccer and many more. Even more games will be added as the website picks up speed.

“Playing videogames for money is not a new concept and has been going on in living rooms and dorms for years,” said William Levy, president & co-founder, World Gaming. “ is simply facilitating that idea online, which opens up the competitive gaming landscape in a massive way.”

As well as the games, there will be a huge attraction to the social networking features, customisable user profiles, and friends lists. Those needing a little more practice can visit the Gamer Training Institute, before playing for real money.

The platform is different traditional casino games where the element of chance supersedes the element of skill. is therefore not considered a gambling arena and is legal in more than 130 countries and the majority of the United States.

Stephen Holder
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