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Online gambling site launches new league

Online gambling giant, CelebPoker is again making waves with a prize pool exceeding €612,000 in prize money available in their new Poker League. This monthly tournament, with a prize of €51,00, is available to all CelebPoker members consists of a brand new unique points system (which considers the number of participants and level of buy-in at each tournament) to ensure that only the best players rise to the top of the table.

A spokesperson from CelebPoker had the following to say: “Our main objective was to create an online poker league that is competitive, challenging and fun, for players for players at all levels, and we have produced a great league format with a simple structure and excellent prizes. At CelebPoker, we're not afraid to push the boundaries, and the fact that we are adding extra cash incentives on top of existing tournament prize pools will be a great attraction for many online poker players. Why would you want to play your tournament poker anywhere else?”

Players can take part in 21 selected weekly tournaments at the site to accrue points to go towards the poker league table. Those that finish in the top 20 and win cash prizes and could even double their prize money in selected tournaments.

CelebPoker is part of the Boss Media Network and this is by far the largest tournament of its sort on any of the Boss Media platforms. CelebPoker continues to run several online poker tournaments as well as the popular Team CelebPoker, which is gaining interest in the online poker industry.

Stephen Holder
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